Anderson & Norrie Ltd.


Website development – Since 1999, Anderson and Norrie have been building websites’ for most industry sectors using the latest web technologies and best industry practice for coding, content, and SEO.


We will develop a cost effective, results driven website for you that will be noticed. Then using the best available reporting software help you manage your site – effective management requires accurate measurement and monitoring.


Our website’s can include the following modules:


Content Management System (CMS), Email Marketing, and powerful eCommerce solutions.


The best website design should have interesting and persuasive content that leads visitors to a selection of your products and or services, remember a new visitor needs to find what they are looking for quickly, hence the need for content that is easy to follow and intuitive navigation links. 


The visitor then needs to be convinced that you’re the right company for them, this is why your website content also needs to include various guarantee and credibility statements i.e. experience, testimonials from existing customers, service guarantees, etc. We will help you write/edit new or existing content.


Once your visitor is convinced that you can reliably deliver the product or service, they need an easy way to request info, make a booking, order, or buy, using an online form, email, or phone.


We can provide testimonials from our existing customers please contact us. Our experience is your advantage.



We can help you with the many Social Media options, plus your website will make the most of these referrals by having informative and interesting content that is optimised for major search engines.


We also recommend Search Engine Marketing (cost-per-click advertising) this is cost-effective, results oriented, Search Engine Advertising (principally Google).



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